Dalian municipal Sci-Tech Bureau is building itself into a digitalized
service-oriented organ so as to meet the need of service-oriented
government and entry into WTO.The bureau has fixed seven major tasks for
this end :1.To construct digitalized service-oriented organ;2.To make
new breakthrough in software field, building phase 1 project in national
software industrial base, settling 150 enterprises in the base with RMB
800 million income from sale, creating US$ 40 million foreign exchange
from export and attracting 4000 engineers into the park;3.To gain major
breakthrough in technical cooperation with Russia;4.To upgrade genetic
engineering industry;5.To provide powerful support to agricultural
modernization, to build 10 farming sci-tech demonstration parks or zones
, 10 pioneering model villages and towns and 30 leading enterprises in
the city’s northern three county-level cities;6.To speed up construction
of 10 incubation centers covering 500 private sci-tech enterprises in an
area of 150000 m2; 7.To intensify job in intelligent property right.
(Dalian Daily p.1.April 13,2002. )